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How the best antispam service reducing junk mail works

We stop junk email and spam –

Including unwanted automated emails, phishing attempts that use malware or spyware to access sensitive banking or credit card information, and other email scams.

What Customers Are Saying

Spam free bee

Clean Inbox

Don’t be disturbed - No more clutter - No more wasted time

How much time do you waste on emails you never signed up for and don’t want? Time is precious and we will give it back to you.

How it works

The clean and focused inbox


Connect your Office 365 account to Spamdrain

It takes just a few simple steps to connect your Office 365 email account to Spamdrain.


We check every new email

The second you get a new email, Spamdrain checks it.It works on Outlook Live, Outlook on the desktop and mobile and on any other email client of your choice.


We remove the junk and spam

If it is spam or junk, a virus or a phishing attempt, we remove it at once so you don’t have to see it.


You feel less stress and are more focused

Finally, you get an inbox with only the emails you want. No more annoying distractions!

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Stop spam and junk on all devices

Clean on all devices

Connect Office 365 and see the magic - everywhere

iPhone or Android? Mac or PC? Spamdrain blocks junk email and spam on your Office 365 account across operating systems and devices. Simply connect and we do the rest

Virus, phishing, spam ✋🏼

AI + Users = Smarter filter

We have fine tuned our tech for over 16 years and together with our amazing customers, we created a spam filter service that stops junk mail efficiently.

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Smart spam junk filter

A community of antispammers ✋🏼

Let’s work together to block phishers and spammers

We have fine-tuned our tech for over 16 years and together with our amazing customers have created a spam filter service that efficiently blocks junk email. When you mark an email as spam, we will make sure everyone else is protected as well.

Your data remains private

You pay us a small fee so we never need to sell your data to anyone (unlike many others). We instead focus entirely on providing you with the best spam filtering in the world.

Coffee cup
Coffee cup

Go spam-free

For the price of a coffee

To run and manage a great spam filter service costs money and for a small fee we remove all the clutter, save you time, and deliver the absolute best service and support.

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  • Отличная фильтрация спама
  • Фильтрация новостных и рекламных рассылок
  • Фильтрация вирусов и мошеннических писем
  • Доступ к отфильтрованной эл. почте
  • Приложение для iPhone/iPad/Android
  • Ежедн./еженед. обзорные отчеты
  • All the Spamdrain features +
  • Для нескольких пользователей
  • Фильтрация по домену
  • Любое число псевдонимов
  • Поддержка по эл. почте

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