SpamDrain 2.0 for iOS released in App Store

April 22, 2013


Last week we finally released the new iOS app, SpamDrain 2.0, with support for both iPhone and iPad. A big hand to all beta testers that made the release possible. The past six months we have been working hard to finalize what is a complete rewrite of the old app. We have tried to gather all the feedback we have received from our lovely users and transform that into new features and improvements which hopefully makes the app more useful and usable. I know already that many of you love the improvements, but we also know that some of you don’t. That’s why it’s important that you keep sending us valuable feedback so we can keep up the work of improving the app even more.

Ok, enough with the words, give me some screenshots.

New message lists with search capability

New message lists with search capability and filtering on classification Spam?, Spam, Virus, Newsletter etc. This makes it easier to find messages you are looking for.

Report and release directly from the message lists

Report and release directly from the message lists. Also more options that will give more feedback to the filter.

Clear indication of what has happened to a message

Clear indication of what has happened to a message. You now see directly in the list if you have reported or released a message and to which color you have changed it.

New email viewer with zoom functionality

New email viewer with zoom functionality. Ok, it may be a standard feature, but we are very proud of the new email viewer which is more like the native email viewer in your iPhone. You can zoom and scroll and unlock images and links. As before you may also report or release the message directly from the email viewer.

Report and release when viewing a message

Report and release when viewing a message. Hopefully it’s also a bit clearer what happens when you give feedback to SpamDrain.

Update report settings for the app

Update report settings for the app. Control how often you want the SpamDrain reports sent to you. We have also made it possible to update your name, company name etc.

Android app
We are also working on a similar rewrite of our Android app but we have not set the release date yet. We will however, release a minor update to our Android app next week or so that will rename the Archive and Report to Blocked and Allowed. We will also make similar updates to our web UI, so the experience is consistent on all devices. But until then, there will be a mix of terminology.

Please note
Unfortunately there is currently a known issue in the iOS app. If your iOS device is set to use 12-hour time, the app crashes when you sign in. We have already submitted a fix to Apple for review, but it may take another week before the new version is approved.

Until then, please make sure to set the 24-hour setting to “On” to use the SpamDrain app. You do this in your iPhone/iPad settings->General->Date&Time.

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