Stop spam and junk on all devices

Spamdrain helps you stop junk email

Connect your email and see the magic – everywhere

We stop junk email and spam – including unwanted automated emails, phishing attempts that use malware or spyware to access sensitive banking or credit card information, and other email scams.

Spamdrain works with all types of email providers and across devices and operating systems. Simply connect and we do the rest.

How the best antispam service reducing junk mail works

How it works

The clean and focused inbox


Connect your email to Spamdrain

Simply connect your email account to Spamdrain in a few simple steps.


We check every new email

The second you get a new email, Spamdrain checks it.


We remove the junk and spam

If it is spam or junk, a virus or a phishing attempt, we remove it at once so you don’t have to see it.


You feel less stress and are more focused

Finally, you get an inbox with only the emails you want. No more annoying distractions!

Reduce junk mail newsletters

You have full control

It’s time to make it perfect

You love to get some newsletters but there are some you never signed up for. With a few clicks let us know what you want to keep, and we will weed out the rest for you.

How to use the Spamdrain app for control

Tap, select, done
1. Open the Spamdrain app

Here, you get a full overview of all the emails we have blocked.

2. Newsletters you love to get

If you find that a newsletter you love to read is on the blocked list, simply tap on it and select ‘allow’. Spamdrain learns from its mistakes and will send this newsletter straight to your inbox the next time.

3. Spam and phishing

Help the Spamdrain community identify spammers, phishers and other scammers. When you tap on an email and tell us it is spam, we make sure we block it for everyone in the community.

A community of antispammers ✋🏼

Let’s work together to block phishers and spammers

We have fine-tuned our tech for over 16 years and together with our amazing customers have created a spam filter service that efficiently blocks junk email. When you mark an email as spam, we will make sure everyone else is protected as well.

Stop spam and junk on all devices

Works on all devices

iPhone or Android? Microsoft’s Office 365 or Google’s G Suite? Mac or PC?

We block junk mail across operating systems, email service providers and devices.

Antispam on Mac, iOS, Windows and Android
Reduce junk mail newsletters

We send you a report

You will have full control

We will send you reports about all the junk email we have blocked so you know what is going on. If there is an email that looks phishy but we are not 100% sure, we will ask you to review it.

Coffee cup

Your data remains private

You pay us a small fee so we never need to sell your data to anyone (unlike many others). We instead focus entirely on providing you with the best spam filtering in the world.

The goal – A focused inbox

Make it perfect for you

Spamdrain is all about making your inbox perfect for you. Tweak the filter, teach Spamdrain what you want, and get a more focused inbox, which contains only the email you want to see.

Smart spam junk filter

Take control of your inbox

Sign up and only get the emails you want