How to: Unsubscribe from Newsletters

November 30, 2016


Newsletters and other promotional emails cannot be called “spam” technically, as they are from legitimate organizations but sometimes they get annoying. In this article, we will try to help you get rid of such unwanted messages.
The very first tip is to think twice before giving your email address to online forums and guest books and of course any suspicious websites. If you already do so, you can close this article and enjoy your free-from-spam Inbox.
However, it is very easy to get into some distributional newsletter list even if you did not intend to. It’s a common practise to provide unsubscribe link in every legitimate newsletter. Usually, desirable link is hidden at the bottom of the email message. You might want to try the following steps to free your inbox from unwanted newsletter once and forever:

1. Open a newsletter message;
2. Find the Unsubscribe link and click on it. Sometimes it can be hard to find the needed link because newsletter senders do not want to lose their audience. You can resolve this little issue using a search option in the webmail client (to speed things up you can press Ctrl+F) and type “Unsubscribe” in the search field. Here it is! Usually, clicking on the link redirects you to the source website and asks to confirm your decision;
NOTE: If you use some email application, the combination of the “Search” hot keys might be different, e.g. Outlook will respond to Ctrl+E to run the search.
3. Finally, you see something like: We have removed your email address from our list. What a relief! This might be not the end of the story though. Sometimes, it is required to go through several steps before you finally see that you are unsubscribed.

Keep in mind, the guide applies to legitimate email newsletters (like Linkedin, Twitter etc.). Spam newsletters are not so easy to deal with. It’s typical for spam newsletters to lead your email address to more spam lists (and this is definitely not the unsubscribe process). This is where Spamdrain comes in handy. Newsletter filter is enabled at your Spamdrain account by default. Now, using Spamdrain newsletter filter, spam newsletters are not a problem anymore.

You can find more information here.

Hopefully, now you will be much more confident in security of your email address in terms of spam newsletters.

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