Black Friday spam messages

November 27, 2019


An increasing number of spam messages is currently being observed due to the upcoming Black Friday discounts. Some of them are really good ones but most of them are fake messages or just annoying spam you wouldn’t like to see in your Inbox.

As many researches around the web show, recipients tend to click on 50% of links in scam messages. That’s quite enough for a spammer to install the needed spyware on your device.

Nowadays shoppers are warned about the risks of such emails and harmful links. However you never know when and where you are going to face such messages, even a message that looks like from can really be from (aRnazon) for example.

Here is where our Spamsters become your life servers, or just Inbox cleaners. Simply download either iOS app from App Store or Android app from Play Market (yep, we have both of them, just use “Spamdrain” keyword in the search) to your mobile device, sign up in seconds and that’s it. Your email address is already being filtered and you can see the result right away.

Please feel free to use the web version as well:

In case you’d like to receive your favorite shop newsletters – you have an option to use the whitelist functionality to add the needed email addresses or domains for the wanted list and receive that messages all the time.

Using Spamdrain you will be armed good enough to eliminate the quantity of fake discounts and spam messages in your Inbox. Once you try it during the Black Friday you will never want to stop using it. Besides the app and web version we also provide support for our service, free of charge.

Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned and have a good shopping!

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