Why do I need a spam filter?

July 8, 2020


If you are reading this article there is a high chance that you use an email either for business or personal needs. Here we’ve tried to gather some obvious and not so obvious reasons why you need an additional spam filter to your email address.

1. Personal vs Business email dealing with spam

You might think that your Gmail, Hotmail or Office 365 suite already has a built-in spam filter so why to get another one. Yes, most of the email providers do have an anti-spam solution built into the system. The real question is, though, how reliable they are? Usually out-of-the-box spam filters are designed with minimal filter requirements and your expectations from their work may be too high. Furthermore, when running a business it is even more important to secure your corporate email address based on the company domain from spam, graymail and malware. According to Radicati Research Group Inc., email spam costs businesses about $20.5 billion each year and the tendency is growing.

2. Graymail

Newsletters, intended or random subscriptions, advertisements – all of these are tons of emails loading email servers daily. For some of them email users are really waiting for, and most are just deleted without reading. One of the valuable “skills” of a spam filter is the ability to distinguish such “graymail” and remove it from your inbox. Graymail is a message that you previously opted to receive, but now there is no need to see it in the inbox. Such emails are not considered spam, as they aren’t used to get some unauthorized access to your data. What will be considered graymail in the particular Inbox depends on user actions over time and a spam filter will learn to block the unwanted messages. It is definitely easier than to unsubscribe manually from all

3. Malware

According to 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report (Verizon) 94% of malware is delivered to end users via email messages. Every ninth malware which got through to the victim was delivered via email. Typical files with infections soft are MS Office documents and Widnows Apps. Using a Spam filter will eliminate the risk of becoming the next malware victim for sure.

4. Ability to learn

You can train a spam filter to sort out the messages right. The filter learns from your preferences. If you mark a message as spam, similar email will be blocked next time. It works vice versa as well – when a valid message gets to the blocked list it can be released and some email like that will get through to your Inbox in the future. You can also whitelist or blacklist particular domains depending on your preferences and analyzing which emails should always be received and which should be filtered out.

5. Best choice for a busy individual

Let us draw you a small picture. Your daily schedule (to-do list) is filled to the top with high priority tasks. You have a small break for lunch during which you still check your emails from your smartphone. You open your inbox and see that its overwhelmed with spam, marketing and newsletters and sorting all these messages you have no time to look through real valid emails and even finish your lunch. The picture looks realistic for lots of people nowadays, do you agree? The second scenario will look a bit brighter. You are still busy with lots of daily activities, but you have a Spam Filter app for your email. You open your Inbox during lunch, all spam was blocked by a Spam filter and you see couple of expected messages from clients, friends or your boss. You quickly look though the content, drop some replies and finish your meal. One more check mark ✔ in the to-do list appears and with a smiley face you are beck to the rest of activities.

To sum up all mentioned above, we’d like to add that anti-spam application is a solution that pays up in money, time and even less stressful life. If you are still in doubt, just try one.Click here to sign up for Spamdrain spam filter & use 14 days free trial period. We are sure that you will feel the difference and make good friends with your Spamster 🙂

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