Keep your domain protected at all times.

If it’s not spam, it’s marketing or other types of unwanted email. They steal your time, and time is money. Spamdrain is an intelligent service that stops spam and unwanted email before it reaches your inbox. We will learn your preferences and stop everything you don’t want, be it spam, newsletters or marketing.

It’s easy to get started and manage. It’s also possible to manage several addresses or users at the same time. Also, you can set up filtering for an entire domain.  

What you get is a high security, low maintenance spam protection for all you devices. 


Price per yearFrom {{}}
per address / year
Address limit5 to unlimited
Great spam filtering
Newsletter and marketing filter
Virus and phishing filter
Access to filtered email
iPhone/iPad/Android appFree
Daily/weekly summary e-mails
Multi user
Domain filtering
E-mail support

Redundant servers decrease load on your servers
Spamdrain uses redundant servers with almost zero downtime. Using Spamdrain drastically decrease the load on your servers and in your network. We have very high accuracy thanks to AI.

Cost effective
You only pay for the e-mail addresses you wish to filter. No start up fees or extra fees for alias, extra domains etc. We also have volume discounts.

By using Spamdrain, a company with 25 employees could save up to $8,200/year

Control and statistics
Each e-mail user will have full control over filtered messages and may easily report missed spam and view blocked messages in a secure environment.

As administrator you can view spam statistics, filter accuracy and e-mail volume for all your users. Each user also have access to statistics for their own account.

Spamdrain works with your mail server
Getting started with Spamdrain is simple. Just sign up for a trial, add your domain and reconfigure your MX in the DNS and we will start filtering your e-mail.

This is what some of our users has said about the service

I’ve been using this for the trial period and it has taken so much misery out of my day. All my spam is gone and I get a daily report so can double-check that nothing important has slipped through. I’ve just bought an annual subscription for 2 email addresses. BRILLIANT!

Elizab1003 from Australia, Aug 24 2012

I waited 6 months before rating this app. It blocks all of my spam on my phone. For the first few days I needed to “teach” the app which emails to block. I check the filter every day or two to make sure I’m not missing any important emails, and that is the extent of any maintenance. The app evens prevents spam on one of the two addresses for my laptop and desktop. Good work guys!

Lone Star from United States, Aug 22 2012

Stopped ALL my spam and I was getting 30 a day! The yearly price is a bargain.

Paulpower from Canada, Jun 12 2011

If you get any spam at all this is the best thing to rid your e-mail box. I have been searching high and low for something like this. It’s the best thing going.

Bluesfan044a from United States, Jun 11 2011

Worked right away and very well. Well worth the investment. Finally!!! No more spam!

NCormier from United States, Jun 6, 2011

Was getting up to x20 spam e-mails a day. The problem has been solved with spam drain. Will happily pay the yearly subscription after the free trial.

A mug 69 from United Kingdom, May 29, 2011