Introducing the Spamster

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Your spamster stops spam from reaching your inbox.

Only messages with real e-mail qualities get through. Your spamster filters out the unwanted stuff and it hates viruses and phishing attacks extra much. It will devour them and burp loudly afterwards. 

Receive a daily report.

The spamster will tell you daily what emails it has stopped. If it’s made a mistake you can simply ask it to spit that email out and it will send it through to your inbox.

24/7 access

Filtering e-mail is the purpose of life for a spamster. It can do it while standing on one leg, doing laundry or while sleeping. You can access your spamster dashboard 24/7 to report spam or access all kinds of detailed statistics and information.

Your spamster lives off of spam mail.

No hidden costs, no updates, no hassle. Your spamster takes care of itself (except perhaps the occasional pet and cuddle). As your spamster gets to know you, it will get better at filtering your email. Get started in 30 seconds and try your own spamster for 14 days free of charge. 


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Address limit5
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Great spam filtering
Newsletter and marketing filter
Virus and phishing filter
Access to filtered email
iPhone/iPad/Android appFreeFree
Daily/weekly summary e-mails
Filter multiple addresses
Multi user
Domain filtering
Unlimited nr of aliases
E-mail support


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