Introducing the Spamster

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Your spamster stops spam from reaching your inbox.

Only messages with real e-mail qualities get through. Your spamster filters out the unwanted stuff and it hates viruses and phishing attacks extra much. It will devour them and burp loudly afterwards. 

Receive a daily report.

The spamster will tell you daily what emails it has stopped. If it’s made a mistake you can simply ask it to spit that email out and it will send it through to your inbox.

24/7 access

Filtering e-mail is the purpose of life for a spamster. It can do it while standing on one leg, doing laundry or while sleeping. You can access your spamster dashboard 24/7 to report spam or access all kinds of detailed statistics and information.

Your spamster lives off of spam mail.

No hidden costs, no updates, no hassle. Your spamster takes care of itself (except perhaps the occasional pet and cuddle). As your spamster gets to know you, it will get better at filtering your email. Get started in 30 seconds and try your own spamster for 14 days free of charge. 


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  • Great spam filtering
  • Newsletter and marketing filter
  • Virus and phishing filter
  • Access to filtered email
  • iPhone/iPad/Android app
  • Daily/weekly summary e-mails
  • Multi user
  • Domain filtering
  • Unlimited nr of aliases
  • E-mail support


  • Why should I try Spamdrain?

    Our spamsters keep your inbox clean and tidy. They are intelligent creatures and will learn from you, what emails you like and what you dislike. Be free from newsletters and marketing emails you never asked for. Get a spamster and retake control of your inbox.

    With Spamdrain you:

    • Save time. Unwanted email steal time from more important things, and it takes an average of 90 seconds to get back to your usual task after being disturbed by one.
    • Enjoy a neat and tidy inbox. Your mass-deleting-days are over.
    • Get to try it free of charge for 14 days. No strings attached, no credit card needed.
    • Just plug and play. It’s easy to be protected by Spamdrain.
    • Get a personal spamster that will learn what you like and dislike, giving you back control of your inbox.
    • Get an effective service that just works.
  • How does Spamdrain work?

    It depends a bit on how it is set up, if you have several email addresses or just one.

    With a basic Spamdrain setup every e-mail first lands in your online e-mail account and your spamster continuously monitors* your e-mail account and cleans it from spam and viruses.

    If you have a Spamdrain+ account the spam can either be cleaned out as above or it can be setup so that all your e-mails pass through our servers where spam and viruses are filtered by our spamsters and the real e-mails are then delivered to you.

    * Accounts set up with IMAP-fetching are constantly monitored, spam is cleaned out only a few seconds after arrival. With POP3-fetching accounts are checked and cleaned every 30 seconds. Spamdrain always tries to set it up with IMAP as this is better. If you are using PO3 the cleaning of our inbox might not work as smooth try to change to IMAP if this is possible.

  • How much does it cost?

    To use Spamdrain you pay a small amount every year. This makes sure we can provide a great service to you and that we don't need to sell your data to make money - as many of our competitors do. Your data always stays with us. Please see our pricing for more details.

  • I use Spamdrain and I got a spam, why?

    Our spamsters sometimes make mistakes and after all they’re only spamsters. But it does make them determined to improve. If you receive an unwanted mail it is usually due to one of the following reasons.

    1. It is real spam.
    On rare occasion it happens that real spam slipps through. Our trained spamsters catch close to 100% of all spam but the volumes are large and there are new spams or variations every day. A great advantage with server side filtering such as ours is that as soon as we discover a new spam or spammer we can block it for all our users.

    Solution: Our spamsters work hard fighting spammers. We continuously send them on courses and seminars in order for them to get better. You help by reporting the spam you get, the spamsters learn from it and get better at keeping your inbox clean.

    2. It is a not really a spam
    It is an offer or a newsletter from a legitimate sender who has got a hold of your address. It could be organizations such as airlines, online bookstores stores or hotels.

    Solution: Try to unsubscribe from the newsletter and avoid giving out your primary address to such organizations in the future.

    3. You are too fast
    If you are using Spamdrain with IMAP/POP3 and check your email often you could sometimes come across a spam before our spamsters have had a chance to clean it (some accounts we are only allowed to access every 15-30 minutes).

    Solution: See if you can change to IMAP-fetching in your user settings, turn off Push (sometimes called IDLE) and update your mail check interval to about every 15 minute.

  • Who needs Spamdrain+ ?

    You might be a company or organization that needs to manage several addresses or users at the same time. Or you could be an individual who wants to do an advanced setup of your email protection such as filtering a domain. Maybe you just find the idea of a good personal support comforting.

    With Spamdrain+ you benefit from all features available within the Spamdrain service.

    The added features include:

    • Multiple e-mail accounts
    • Multiple users
    • Personal support from our helpdesk
    • Domain (SMTP) filtering
    • Pay as you go per protected email address (prices)

  • Do I have access to the messages Spamdrain have blocked?

    Since no anti-spam service is perfect (not even our spamsters) and real e-mails can be blocked we know the importance of having easy access to these messages. You can always log in to your Spamdrain Dashboard on the web and check for the e-mail your friend sent you regarding the amazing 40% discount on Cartier watches. But sometimes you cannot know what you have missed and that is why your personal spamster sends you a weekly Spamdrain report, showing you the blocked messages with the highest chance of being actual e-mails. You can read and retrieve these e-mails via links in the Spamdrain report.

  • Can I trust you? My mom told me to never trust strangers.

    Yes, you can trust us and our spamster’s. We think immoral and illegal behavior is very uncool. We have also made sure that your integrity and personal information on our servers are protected by several layers of encryption and redundant security systems. All we want is a world full of clean inboxes.

  • Why do you need my e-mail and password for starting the Spamdrain account?

    Spamdrain is a unique and ridiculously easy way to get a clean inbox. You give one of our spamster’s the key to your mailbox. Your spamster, let’s call him Bartleby, will continuously open and check your mailbox to see if there is any spam and viruses among the real e-mails. When such annoyances occur he immediately removes them from your mailbox so you will not be exposed to them.

    If you sign up with your Gmail or Outlook/Hotmail account we will not need your password since we use the standard Oauth2 authentication mechanism instead.

  • What is Spamdrain?

    It’s an easy-to-use and intelligent web based anti-spam service. Our personal spamsters keep your inbox clean by stopping spam before it gets to the inbox on your computer, phone or other device you use to check your mail. That’s the best way to stop spam and viruses – before they reach you.