Password Update/Change

Last updated on December 20, 2020

There are two passwords at your Spamdrain account that you can change/update:

  1. The first one is used to log in to your Spamdrain account here:
    Usually it is the same as a password to your email address. If it does not work, you can reset it using the following link: 
    You will need to enter an email address registered at Spamdrain in order to receive the message with instructions.

  2. The second one is the password to your email address. You can change it or update using the following instructions:

    If you are using the Android or iOS app, open the menu1608475842432.JPEG


    and expand your addresses1608475842341.JPEG

    and click Manage Addresses:1608475842401.JPEG

    Tap your address and then Edit:1608475842382.JPEG

    Update the settings and tap Save:1608475842362.JPEG

    and your new settings will be verified.

    If you are using our web site, please log on and update your filtering settings:

    In the list to the right under "Filtered e-mail addresses", click your address, enter your password and click Save.

    Your new settings will be verified and if everything is ok the filtering will start again (you may also need to start the filtering again by clicking the play/pause icon which appears when hovering your address).

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