I have installed your app, but I still receive spam?

Last updated on September 13, 2022

Probably the filtering for your email address hasn't started yet. In order for SpamDrain to filter your email (using POP3 and IMAP), SpamDrain needs to know your POP3 or IMAP settings along with your email password. Verify that SpamDrain can connect by logging on to the web site and click the User settings .

Also, if you have multiple e-mail address, please verify that you have set up SpamDrain to filter those that are receiving spam. Sometimes the incorrect address is added, resulting in that the address you want to protect is still receiving spam.

Verify the settings for the filtering by logging on to the web site:


  1. Click your address to the right and update the information.
  2. The settings will be verified when you click Save.
  3. Then click the "Play"-icon (if needed) that appears when you move the mouse over the address list to start the filtering again.

The same is available if using a mobile app:

1. Open the app and the left side menu

2. From the left side menu click on Manage addresses 

3. Choose the needed address and tap it

4. You will be able to edit/reconfigure the settings of your email address.