Why am I asked which type of email I am releasing blocked messages?

Last updated on December 19, 2014

Whichever you choose (Newsletter or other valid email) SpamDrain will try to ensure that similar emails are not blocked again.

SpamDrain blocks three types of email. For the filter to improve the filtering in the best manner possible, you need to let SpamDrain know why you are releasing a message. When you do, SpamDrain will update the filtering rules and ensure that similar emails are not blocked for you again.

Viruses and phishing

Emails containing viruses or phishing attacks. This is emails that is infected and that our virus filter chosen to block. For security reasons these emails cannot be released. Encrypted zip-files will also be blocked by this filter.


Spam emails are typically sent out in millions if not billions of copies. They are designed to sell junk products of various kinds, such as fake drugs, watches or clothes. They may also be scams claiming that you have won the a fake lottery or that you inherited a lot of money from a rich relative who never existed.

Newsletters and marketing emails

We are all different and each has a different definition of what spam is. We noticed that for many, spam is any email that you do not want. Including newsletters or offers from a company that you have a relation with. Deals that one (maybe reluctantly) accepted to receive. Often you can unsubscribe from these emails, but you might find it too complicated. It may also be advertisings that you never asked to receive, but that may not be pure spam in the traditional sense. This is less prioritized emails. We call it newsletters and marketing emails. So even if you think they are spam, for SpamDrain to work well, please report these types of messages as Newsletters.