AOL mail access

Last updated on January 27, 2022

Currently it is possible to add an AOL based email address to Spamdrain using oauth2 standard where you will just need to authorise Spamdrain to access your email address with no need to enter the password. Once you enter an AOL based email address during sign up / adding email address you will see the prompt on how to proceed. Please follow the steps in order to authorise Spamdrain. This available in both web version and the mobile apps (iOS and Android). 


If you need to update the password of your Verizon/AOL email address please refer to the following: 


1. If using the app from the left side menu open Manage address, click on email address -> tap edit -> tap the reconfigure button and hit the Save button. This should automatically lead you to confirm your Verizon/AOL account.

2. If using the web version:

- please go to settings page and click on the added email address;
- click on Automatic setup and re-type your email address;
- hit the Save button and you will be redirected to Verizon/AOL to approve Spamdrain. 


If there is an issue you are still experiencing please contact our support and we will gladly assist you. 


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